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About Us


URIAL IMAGE is our small contribution to preserve the Persian visual culture. We are collecting these images and want to share them with you. You are welcome to use them in any way you want.

We are three photographers who decided we wanted to collect these images, to categorize them and make them available to anyone. Our hope is that some of the art and imagery will find new venues and a new format. Check out our Products for ideas.

Our overall aim is preserving these images. We feel that they are like stories that can bring its onlooker thousands of years in to the history. They tell us of Iran’s rich and diverse cultures, they adore the most epic of structures and beautify amazing architecture.

Our image bank is always expanding and we are always looking for new partners to assist in our mission.

A very large portion of our image bank consist of tiles and mosaic. Found on most signature buildings such as mosques and shrines these are built to last. And they have. Much of the tilework have been well preserved, some untouched for hundreds of years.

The imagery found can be perceived as windows to years past as they show scenery from daily life, farming or hunting. We feel this is a unique part of our culture that need to be made available for all.